Rope Myers Steer Wrestling Clinic

Every Time it's Tried...

Action Packed Weekends  
Thanksgiving (Van Tx)
November 25-27
December 10th-11th
(Orange Tx)
  • 52 Years of Schools: Minimum of 80 students per year!
  • Industry Leading Innovation: Steer Savers, Horse Savers and next level video breakdown!
  • Proven Results: Numerous High School/College Champions, and NFR Qualifiers. 
Located in East Texas this clinic will offer a weekend of steer wrestling. Guaranteed to take your Steer Wrestling to the next level! Come join us at a family friendly environment for a weekend of growth and learning! 
Our clinics bring effective and friendly coaching to people of all ages. Multiple instructors with years of experience motivating and training students to become their best. Core curriculum is designed to perfect your Steer Wrestling form and help you become a champion in and out of the arena.

Rope guarantees his coaching staff will take time to explain every step, and help every student. Students will spend time learning drills in small group settings, here our coaches can talk through the small changes that will maximize your results. 
We work diligently to ensure our practice equipment helps athletes to simulate what will happen at a rodeo. Our patented steer saver is the only one that will allow the cowboy to practice finishing a run. This means our students will be ready to be successful when we make runs horseback Saturday and Sunday!
After a full day of learning and throwing steers, each afternoon will end with a video breakdown of the runs from the day. Here Rope can offer advice and critique students in a way they can absorb the information. We also offer an upgrade where you can receive all of your runs and coaching in an easily accessible format 
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